Offene Warnung an den Kommandeur der SLA

Von der LTTEwatch-Redaktion vom 6. Januar 2015

Colombo – Noch vor wenigen Wochen hätte es sich der Autor und Menschenrechtler Muhammed Fazl wohl zweimal überlegt, diese nachfolgenden Zeilen zu veröffentlichen. Die Rache der Rajapaksas wäre ihm sicher gewesen, das Land zu verlassen letztlich die einzige Option für ihn, um tatsächlich in Sicherheit zu sein.

Doch die Zeit der Rajapaksas scheint abgelaufen. Die Mehrheit der Menschen Sri Lankas will Veränderung und ein friedliche Übergabe der Macht. Was keineswegs heißen soll, die Situation können nicht noch eskalieren in Sri Lanka, zwei Tage vor der Präsidentschaftswahl.

In einem offenen Brief, der an Deutlichkeit nichts zu wünschen übrig lässt und den Empfänger offen einer ganzen Reihe von Vergehen und Unterlassungen beschuldigt, welche die Staatsanwaltschaft interessieren wird. In der Zeit nach den Rajapaksas.

Auch General-Lieutnant Daya Ratnayake, Kommandeur der Armee Sri Lankas (SLA), darf im Falle eines Machtwechsels damit rechnen, vorgeladen zu werden. So oder so.

Und es kann noch deutlich schlimmer für ihn werden, wenn er jetzt Befehle erteilt, die nicht dem Staat, sondern den Rajapaksas dienen. Wenn es einen Machtwechsel nach der Wahl gibt, dann solle der friedlich kommen, ohne Einmischung der Armee, fordert Fazl.

Die Warnung an den Kommandeur kann nicht deutlicher ausfallen. Dem mutigen Autoren Fazl sollten die Srilanker sehr dankbar sein, dass er dieses Thema so offen und für alle Welt nachlesbar angeht. Und dass er den offenbar etwas einfälltigen Militärs daran erinnert, wer sein eigentlicher Dienstherr ist.

Man kann nur hoffen, dass – spätestens nach diesem Brief – Vernunft zwischen Ratnayakes Ohren einzieht.

Der offene Brief von Muhammed Fazi an Daya Ratnayake im Original aus dem Colombo Telegraph:

Letter To Lt. Gen. Daya Ratnayake, The Army Commander Of Sri Lanka

“When dictatorship is a fact, revolution becomes a right” – Victor Hugo

Dear Sir,

It is no more a secret now your involvement in politics on behalf of PresidentMahinda Rajapaksa (MR) whilst serving as the army commander. While I understand your plight should a new government comes to power, in the best interests of my country and my countrymen, I decided to write to you and to create a sense of awareness among the public of an impending human catastrophe should you continue to operate beyond acceptable norms.

Browsing through the SL army’s webpage, I couldn’t help but notice you spending more time in conference and seminar rooms than actually in the battle field. Assuming you have a conscience to uphold the rule of law, thought it would also be timely to remind you of your recent ‘errors in judgment’ and hope you would respond to the following observations,

1 – Your failure to implicate or investigate Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa and Mr. Basil Rajapaksa for their involvement in giving Rs. 700 million to the LTTE in 2005 as alleged by the late Sripathy Sooriyarachi;

And by Mr. Tiran Alles

2 – Your failure to defend your own kind and the only 4-star General in the country from malicious prosecution and cooked-up charges while portraying yourself as a ‘Brave heart’ in the eyes of pseudo-nationalists when confronted by the International Community.

3 – As the Army Commander, your failure to detain and press charges against KP, Daya Master for supporting a ruthless terrorist organization and for their involvement in supporting the MR political campaign when no official pardon has been granted to date. And all this while I was made to believe that you would protect this country from the scourge of terrorism.

4 – Wilful prosecutions or guilty verdicts, erasing General Fonseka’s profile, picture and his tenure of three and half years from the web page of ‘Past Army Commanders’ has reflected poorly on your professional conduct.

5 – In an article which appeared in the Daily News, you seems to be praising the Secretary to the Minister of Defence, Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa excessively and portraying yourself as a propaganda agent of the Rajapaksas. I assume you were unaware of Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa having a voice of his own.

6 – Inviting President Rajapaksa as a chief guest when returning fraction of the stolen gold, originally owned by the Northern Tamils, thus politicizing a simple occasion in favor of the Rajapaksas.

7 – Allegations of releasing of serving army personnel for election campaigns of President Rajapaksa.

8 – Your failure to accelerate the construction of 50,000 houses (as promised by MR) for military personnel.

9 – Forcing army personnel to resort to menial jobs and the unjustifiably increased budgetary allocation for the Army while under your watch and during peace times.

10 – Your failure to investigate inferior and over-priced military procurements made by Lanka Logistics in the same line as you had done when prosecuting General Sarath Fonseka, and that too 5 years after the war ended.

11 – Your failure to apprehend over 50,000 army deserters who are absent without leave (AWOL), resulting in increased levels of serious crimes.

12 – Your failure to recover thousands of illegal weapons in use, even by means of offering monetary rewards for information which could have led to recoveries.

13 – I left the best for the last. 75 personnel belonging to the Special Forces of the Army stripped naked waist up, tied together and loaded in one bus like cattle outside Cinnamon Lakeside Hotel when General Fonseka was laid siege soon after the last Presidential Elections in 2010.

Believing there still exists patriotism and men of honor amongst the majority of serving army personnel, I acknowledge your limits in election campaigning and your vulnerable position in deciding between petty personal gains and completing a distinguished career.

As you are aware, I did try getting an appointment from your ADC Major Wairangoda for a direct meeting with you in order to convey my fears of a possible Army intervention on behalf of the Rajapaksas. In an age where even our wives don’t seek our consent when stepping out of the house, it was indeed regretful when I was informed of the requirement to seek approval beforehand from the Mr. Gotabaya headed Ministry of Defense (MOD). I can only hope that you are not just a figure-head in the army.

While it is no secret of the existence of a long standing hatred and animosity between you and General Fonseka, your fears of victimization in the event of Mr. Maithripala Sirisena (MS) led opposition coming to power is indeed justifiable. But believing very much in Mr. Maithripala Sirisena, Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe, General Sarath Fonseka and in their honorable conduct, I have no reason to believe that they would engage in vengeful politics should you decide to uphold the Army’s code of conduct and should you put the interest of my twenty million plus countrymen before your personal interests even at THIS stage.

Having done my part for a much needed change this country so rightly deserves and being certain of the downfall of the MR regime on the 8th of January, I humbly request you to secure all exit points in the country in order to prevent corrupt individuals connected to MR from fleeing the country and to maintain law and order until the new government is sworn-in. This action alone would suffice in exonerating you of your past misdeeds and I will personally strive in defense of your position, honor, retirement benefits and future appointments. It is possible since I interact with the highest levels in the opposition camps.

On a personal note, please bear in mind that as much as you love your two sons, your daughter and your wife, millions of your countrymen are in dire need of shelter, food and a source of sustenance all thanks to the despotic masters you serve. I must also caution you against contravening rules of conduct and in your failure to maintain a sense of independence from the government in power when voting is underway.

It is 2.50pm Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), January 06, 2015, and in conclusion and most importantly, I sure hope you will have satisfactory answers for 15 of the country’s 17 Gajaba army regiments heading towards Colombo as I write, and sincerely hope our paths will cross each other’s on a conciliatory term in the near future.

God Bless,
Muhammed Fazl



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